Introducing RebelMouse

RebelMouse LogoThat’s not Mighty Mouse you see in the graphic above. It’s actually the mascot for RebelMouse, a new social media offering that wants to be your social front page. The web-based platform lets you connect your social networks to create a fluid page of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. It’s basically an aggregator, but a beautiful one.

RebelMouse was founded by Paul Berry, the former chief technology officer at the Huffington Post. The company’s concept for RebelMouse “is based on the idea that people are proud of what they share on social networks, but are starting to feel embarrassed about their websites. RebelMouse creates your social front page, building a dynamic site around what you share.

The RebelMouse page updates itself constantly with content from your feeds. But, you can tweak the page by adding your own links, editing content and move things around. You can even create slideshows.

It’s easy to create RebelMouse pages for different feeds or any combination of feeds. So, a page for your company might not include your personal feeds, but a page for you might include company feeds AND personal feeds. You can also follow #hashtags and include their content as well.

Here’s what the Iron Lava Corp page looks like:

Iron Lava Corp RebelMouse Page

RebelMouse is free, but the company plans to offer paid plans. A $3/month plan for individuals with custom domain ( and a $3/week corporate plan for businesses with a custom domain (

You can also add a RebelMouse “feed” widget to your blog or website by cut and pasting code from your RebelMouse page. Here’s what ours looks like:

Stick It Burron

And, if you’d like to add content directly to your RebelMouse page from the web, you can add a “stick this” button to your favourite browser.

RebelMouse is constantly evolving with new features and options. It’s an easy and attractive way to help get your clients interested in your social media feeds and display them all in one spot.

If you’ve got questions about RebelMouse or social media, just drop us a line.

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