Management Changes

Harold here. I have managed all aspects of Iron Lava Corp since inception in January 2001. This August I started a two year program at the University of Calgary to attain a Master’s Degree in Social Work specializing in International and Community Development.  While it is definitely a stretch from our branding and web services, I am enjoying school immensely.

Business is still important to me and I am pleased that Aron Hill has taken on most management functions for Iron Lava Corp.  I’ve known him for quite some time and am confident he will improve customer service. Aron is also an artist who works with multiple media and has his own industrial design clients.  So far, Aron has created the web design for Kids Photography Academy and an endodontics site that will go live in the coming weeks.

Mark, Bailey, Doug and the rest of the Iron Lava Corp team will also continue in their essential roles with design, programming and social media writing.

To learn more about Aron’s background, you can find him on LinkedIn at

You can reach Aron at (403) 984-3959 or toll free at (877) 250-6300.

Thanks to all our clients and vendors. I look forward to continuing our business relationships.


Harold Pliszka
President, Iron Lava Corp

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