– Iron Lava Corp’s URL Shortener Is Even Better!

If you’ve used, Iron Lava Corp’s URL shortener recently, you’ve likely noticed some changes. If you haven’t, you’ll find it’s even easier to use. was designed to take long, unwieldy URLs and make them shorter. Short URLs don’t break in emails, they don’t waste your allotment of 140 characters in a tweet and they’re easier to use in Facebook posts.

With, you simply enter your long URL and we’ll create a shortened version that you can use anywhere for as long as you’d like. Iron Lava Corp's URL shortener

The basic functionality remains unchanged, but it is easier than ever to create a category for your link.

The basic steps are:

1. Mouse over the category button that best applies to the link you want to shorten:

  • News – the URL will begin with
  • Music – the URL will begin with
  • Politics – the URL will begin with
  • Sports – the URL will begin with
  • Drinks – the URL will begin with
  • Calgary – the URL will begin with
  • Calgary’s Marda Loop area – the URL will begin with

2. Cut and paste your long URL in the window.

3. Enter up to 10 characters to customize your URL. This will appear at the end of your custom link. For example: if you choose the NEWS category and enter SNOW as the desired URL, the result will be

4. To generate the URL, enter the code “g4small” in the code box. This helps us prevent spammers taking advantage of our free service.

5. Click the “Get Short URL” button.

6. Your custom and much shorter URL appears below. Simply copy it and start using it anywhere you want.

And finally, a reminder of our terms of use:

While the URL shortener may be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, there are some uses that are not permitted:

  • Creating links to pornography
  • Creating links to sites promoting hatred and/or violence towards any group of people. You can, however, make links to politicians and political parties.
  • Creating links to spam and other online scams
  • Creating links to other URL shortening domains

Give a try today. If you’d like to discuss a custom solution for your business, just get in touch.

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Case Study: EFC Developments

CLIENT: EFC Developments Inc.
PROJECT: Logo and Website

EFC Developments Ltd. offers a full spectrum of real estate development and tenant management services to aviation focused clients. This includes initial facility design consultation through to the leasing of existing office or hangar/terminal space.

Iron Lava Corp worked with EFC Developments to create a logo and build their website. The logo needed to be professional, easy to read and had to invoke the building and properties of the aviation industry.  This is the final result:EFC Developments LogoOnce the logo was designed, work began on a website that had to accomplish several tasks:

First and foremost it had to work as a client portal, allowing tenants to communicate directly with building managers and to be able to request service. The solution also included project management capabilities.

In addition, the website had to have a property listings section that was fast, easy to use and clearly provided information to prospective tenants.

Another important component was a careers section where EFC Developments can easily post job opportunities and visitors are able to apply online.

And finally, website content had to be managed online by EFC Developments. This was accomplished by using Iron Lava Corp’s custom built CMS.

EFC Developments Website

If you’re looking to establish or grow your online presence, contact us for a consultation.

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Twitter Changes Its Look

If you’re a Twitter user, there are some changes that you need to know about.

Twitter has made several changes to user’s profile pages. The changes apply to and mobile applications and they can really help enhance your business image.

New Twitter Look

From this point forward, when you upload a new header image on mobile apps or via, the same image will appear whenever anyone views your profile — across all apps and the web. You can upload your header photo anytime, from anywhere. If you want to change it hourly, it’s very simple to do.

Why the change? Twitter feels that the new profiles will “help you get to know people better through their pictures.”

The Twitter Blog explains: “Photo streams now appear below anyone’s most recent Tweets on iPhone, Android and iPad. Swipe through the stream to see the photos other users have shared or tap any thumbnail to view their photos in fullscreen. While the header photo keeps your profile simple and consistent on iPhone, iPad and Android, you will also still have an additional photo — a background photo — on Upload a background image to complement your header and profile photos.”

In an example of how ingrained Twitter is in today’s media, the announcements were made on NBC’s Today Show.

New Twitter Look Across All Platforms

This is what the Today Show website had to say:

“There’s now a huge header image that runs across the top, sort of like the banner image that Facebook users have on their timelines. The page itself has been reoriented to play up other visuals as well: Your avatar is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and center. The photo stream, too, has been moved up, and will now be accessible on the apps.”

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Case Study: Glenmore Park Dental

CLIENT: Glenmore Park Dental
PROJECT: Glenmore Park Dental

The Problem


Websites today are as important to businesses as gills are to fish. Glenmore Park Dental (GPD) understood that an effective website would educate clients on their procedures, increase awareness and improve credibility.

Some features that interested GPD included

  • Personalized email addresses for staff
  • A visually appealing design; and
  • An organized site map

GPD wanted a site with a little personality. Interested in being more than just another place to get your teeth cleaned, it was evident that GPD was community focused and wanted a little extra spice. With this in mind, Iron Lava Corp got to work.

The Fix

Familiar with creating easy-to-use websites, organizing information and creating site designs that massage your eyeballs, Iron Lava Corp forged yet another showpiece.

This work of art included quality images provided by Visual Hues Photography. Additionally, Iron Lava Corp provided some writings that helped give voice to GPD’s unique personality. A little dash of Franks Red Hot if you will.

The site showcased GPD’s community involvement and introduced their staff. It portrayed Glenmore Park Dental in a sense that jived with its community of staff and clients.

The Benefits

Educational, reputable and revealing. The site was an accomplishment and yet another relationship was formed.

Glenmore Park Dental is now able to interact with clients through personalized email accounts, educate clients both before and after surgical procedures, and overall, provide a more complete customer experience.

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Case Study: Hosted Solution for Business Communities

CLIENT: Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone
URL: and

Marda Loop BRZ Website Screenshot Iron Lava Corp business listing on Springbank Cheese Co business listing on

The Problem
It was simple, the Marda Loop BRZ was looking for an affordable way to effectively showcase their community in a manner that was organized, informative and accessible. The previous website had outdated content and an unconventional navigational style. It was time for a tune up.

The Marda Loop BRZ approached Iron Lava Corp to create an affordable solution. Iron Lava was no stranger to community involvement making them the perfect candidate for the BRZ.

The Fix

The logic behind the creation stemmed from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s ideology that less is more. The solution? A hosted service that can be licensed to any BRZ or business association in Alberta!

The design promotes uniformity among businesses, and BRZ’s alike. The template allows businesses within a BRZ to create personalized and editable business listings by adding a service description, logo, photographs, news and events. Companies may also choose to add social media links and add their individual twitter feeds.

Businesses that register have greater chances of being located. Whether by map or in a Google search, businesses are search engine optimized for maximum visibly. Businesses’ physical location are displayed on the right column of the page in Google Maps to provide visual assistance for customers locating your business.

The Benefits

Benefits to Marda Loop business owners include:

  1. Creating personalized and editable business listings;
  2. Enhanced communications with clients and potential customers; and
  3. Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO)

Benefits to Marda Loop visitors include:

  1. Having business listings and info available at their fingertips;
  2. The ability to see local sales and promo’s at their favourite shops; and
  3. Local news and updates

If you are a BRZ  or business association and are interested in displaying your communities unique atmosphere, please contact Iron Lava Corp for more information.

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